MPIL aims to generate the scientific knowledge required to design novel precision and optical instrumentations at various length scale for measuring, manipulating, visualizing, and manufacturing things at micrometer and nanometer scales. We use the principles of mechanical design, precision engineering, optics, chemistry, biology and manufacturing – in combination with invention – to create new models, tools, machines, and fabrications processes that accelerate discoveries in medicine and science. Toward this goal, we have developed the following research areas:

  • Ultrafast Laser Applications

  • Biomedical Optics

  • Precision Engineering

  • Nanomanufacturing

  • MEMS / BioMEMS

FP-TPL Nano-fab System
Femtosecond light sheet nano-fabrication system based on two-photon polymerization
Multi-focus Nano-printing
Ultrafast multi-focus nano-printing based on DMD and binary holography
DMD TPE Microscope
Ultrafast two-photon microscope that uses a single DMD to perform random-access & 3D imaging
Structured Illumination
Fast two-snapshot structured illumination for temporal focusing microscopy with enhanced axial resolution
Light Sheet Microscopy
Synchronization-free light sheet microscope (LSM) based on a static phase mask
Ultrafast Pulse Shaping
Ultrafast femtosecond laser pulse shaping
(Speed: ~ up to 30 MHz)
Ultrafast Beam Shaping
Ultrafast femtosecond laser beam shaping
(Speed: ~ up to 32.5 kHz)
TPE Temporal Focusing
Two-photon temporal focusing microscopy for Ca2+ imaging of zebrafish
Precision R2R System
Flexure-based R2R machine with 100nm resolution
5 DOF flexure-based nanomanufacturing station
Micro/Nano Fabrication
Vacuum-assisted nonplanar printing technology
On-chip Drug Fabrication
Droplet-based DEP device for drug fabrication
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